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So I live in the suburbs of Austin, with my awesome husband, who is also my best friend and our two gorgeous children. We are originally from NM, however my children were born in Austin! I currently work for a national recruiting firm as the head of the accounting dept. for 2 branches. My husband and I are both prior service Army and have served in many places around the world, including Iraq and Kuwait. I love working out and running. Once in a while I will try a fitness class. I love, love, love Beachbody workout programs!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Legs Day & Jamie Eason's Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread

I got up this morning and completed Legs/Calves day from Week 2 of LiveFit Trainer. My legs just got over being sore from a week ago and there I go and kill them again! For me, legs are the hardest part to train and by the end of Set 2 of 3, I was a big pile of sweat and hitting muscle failure.. but I pushed right through the workouts. I decided today I would add on 3 sets of 1 minute wall squats, why not right?! So I felt pretty accomplished after the workout, but hungry hungry hungry! I headed to the kitchen and whipped up my usual Chocolate Shakeology w/water and then took my vitamins for the day. I always feel "complete" once I get my shake and vitamins down! Then hit the showers.

By time I got out of the shower, dressed and makeup/hair done, it was about lunch time. I was feeling hungry again.. most times after legs day I get famished and have the need to eat, eat, eat! Instead of stuffing my face with junk (like I really wanted to do) HA.. I popped in one of my prepared ahead turkey chili into the microwave, then sprinkled it with a little cheese and snacked on it as I prepped my kitchen to start on the newest recipe I printed from bodybuilding.com, Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread.
 For the recipe:

I have made almost of all the protein bar flavors from Jamie Eason's recipes. By far, my favorites are 1. Chocolate, 2. Carrot Cake, 3. Cinnamon Swirl. That was pretty much my Saturday in a nutshell. My weekends aren't too exciting these days with my DH's new job, he has to work most weekends, so I use this time to make my recipes and hang out with the kids. Today we went to the park and I let them run some energy off and I was able to take a little stroll, which was nice also to get some sun :)

Stay Fit & Fab my friends!

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