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So I live in the suburbs of Austin, with my awesome husband, who is also my best friend and our two gorgeous children. We are originally from NM, however my children were born in Austin! I currently work for a national recruiting firm as the head of the accounting dept. for 2 branches. My husband and I are both prior service Army and have served in many places around the world, including Iraq and Kuwait. I love working out and running. Once in a while I will try a fitness class. I love, love, love Beachbody workout programs!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Don't quit so soon!

Of course, a few shorts days after I start this really awesome fitness/nutrition program I am going to come down with a sinus infection. All week, through making the meals and snacks and the workouts, I have been super motivated and pumped about where this 90 day journey is going to take me. I have, in just a few days, already learned so much about nutrition and feeding my body, I am so excited where I will be at the end. So instead of being a big baby (okay, I admit, I was a little bit of a baby, but who isn't when they aren't feeling 100%?) and instead of throwing in the towel; which would have been the easiest thing to do.. I decided, to just take 2 days off to get better, lay around and focus on getting my body better. The first 2 weeks allows for 3 "rest" days, which are scheduled on my calendar as Friday-Sunday, so instead I will do Thursday's workout on Saturday. Although I didn't workout, I DID manage to stick pretty strictly to the diet. Last night, while the rest of the family was enjoying beef & potato burritos, I had Jamie Eason's 3 Bean Chile, and I add 1/3 cup of brown rice in it.. It was SO good and SO filling! I wasn't at all jealous of the burritos!
As you can see, I packed up 4 other containers and put them in the freezer for dinners another night! Too easy!

To end the evening out, I made Jamie Eason's Turkey Muffins, which is essentially just mini meatloaf. The prep and baking was so easy, and once out of the oven, I couldn't resist but giving them a small taste test... they are so good! The only alternative that I added that was not on the recipe was red bell pepper, I had some left over that needed to be used from the weekend, so I threw that in there, I love red bell pepper!!

So I will leave on this note, we are human, we get sick, life gets in the way. The easy thing to do is quit, but remember, we are not where we are today because we gave up. Keep going, make a few moderations along the way and soon enough, you will have come farther than you ever thought possible!

Stay Fit & Fab!

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