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So I live in the suburbs of Austin, with my awesome husband, who is also my best friend and our two gorgeous children. We are originally from NM, however my children were born in Austin! I currently work for a national recruiting firm as the head of the accounting dept. for 2 branches. My husband and I are both prior service Army and have served in many places around the world, including Iraq and Kuwait. I love working out and running. Once in a while I will try a fitness class. I love, love, love Beachbody workout programs!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Living Fit with Jamie Eason

Earlier in the year I started and completed Beachbody's newest home fitness program, Les Mills PUMP. I was throughouly impressed with the results I got from doing that program. I lost several inches in my thighs, arms and waist. Additionally, I didn't drop much weight, 1-2 lbs, give or take how the day's eating went. I ended on the program at 126lbs. Today, post vacation, I am 129lbs and 21.01% body fat. To give you an idea of where I stand body fat wise, The average body fat percentage for U.S. females is around 32%, with the ideal at 22%. Athletic females should be around 15-20%. Currently, I am labeled as "ideal".. not good enough for me! ;) So what does it take to get into the Athletic range of body fat percentage? Jamie Eason seems to have it all planned out in her 12-week LiveFit Trainer on http://www.bodybuilding.com/. As of Monday, I have been embarking on this "mission: lose body fat" journey. So far I have to say it hasn't been the most difficult, sticking to her meal plans has been hard only in the sense is that I am not used to eating so much throughout the day. Her theory behind her method of eating is that you are training your body to no longer store fat because you are eating every 3 hours, and with each meal, you are eating a high percentage of protein, which is going to help in building and retaining lean muscle mass.
So that is my explanation on what I will be doing in the gym the next few months and my purpose. Keep following for more updates as I attempt to create the body I am always wanted!

* Stay fit & fab!